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Compress the source file to allow larger files to be included and to offer to split a file across multiple images (it would use other images from the same directory, and would encode the file names of previous and next images, so selecting any image

You can already hide a zip file, but this would save a step (also zip files / rar files have the option to be split into multiple chunks). Using a simple link list you can allow a larger file to be hidden, using a circular list would cut down the space requirements at the sake of implementation complexity. If you are splitting across multiple files, then using http://parchive.sourceforge.net/ would allow you to recover the file, even if some of the images are not present. 100k file hidden in 10 files, would need 110k in 11 files, but any single image could be lost without losing any of the data. Please feel free to contact me if you wish a more detailed explanation.

nharding, 22.08.2010, 14:30
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enplase, 24.08.2010
Thanks, I understood you proposal. Your comment on of the best.
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